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On February 12, 1882, The Little Mount Baptist Church was organized by a council that met at Niblett’s Bridge in Sussex County, VA.  The council members were:

  • Deacons G. Hill, S. Goodwyn, Allen King, Richard Smith, R.J. Brown, George Jones and Peter Brown of Providence Baptist Church
  • Rev. Edward Jackson, Pastor of Wilborne Baptist Church and Deacon Henry Harrison also of Wilborne Baptist Church
  • Deacons Collie Johnson and R. W. Pegram of Jerusalem Baptist Church
  • Darrell Mason of St. John Baptist Church
  • Armistead Lewis of Galilee Baptist Church
  • Rev. J. J. Jones of Providence Baptist Church, who later became the church’s first pastor

 Services were first held in a bush harbor just beyond the outdoor baptism pool. 

Land was first purchased on March 11, 1905 and construction began shortly after that purchase in the same year.

 Rev J. J. Jones served as Pastor for a number of years and was succeeded by Rev. W. Y. Browder who was ordained on March 24, 1902 and pastored this church for 19 years.  He died at the age of 63 on February 12, 1921.  During his tenure, the first church well was dug in the 1917 and the Missionary Society was organized in 1908.

 After his death, Rev. J. D. Whitfield became the pastor and served until his death on October 20, 1939.  All accomplishments during these pastoralships cannot be acknowledged due to the destruction of church documents in a house fire, but they are buried in the memories of our ancestors.

 In the Spring of 1940 and after the death of Rev. Whitfield, The Little Mount Baptist Church inherited a man of God from Southampton County, VA to pastor this church, the Rev. J. H. Worrell.  During this time, we were known as the little white church that sits on the hill.  Under his leadership, this church prospered in many ways:

  • In 1946, The Senior Usher’s Board was organized, a recreation hall and bathroom facilities were built, both Senior and Junior Choirs were formed and nineteen Deacons were ordained.
  • In 1949 and 1954, remodeling inside and outside
  • In February 1948, the Pastor’s Aide Society was organized
  • In 1959, heat and air-conditioning were installed, carpet was laid, pews and communion table set and chairs were purchased and a new organ.

Our membership grew.  Rev. Worrell was an innovative and spiritual leader.  He retired as pastor in October, 1979 after 39 years of services.  He then became our pastor emeritus until his death on April 16, 1982.

 After Rev. Worrell’s retirement, the Deacons took on the responsibility of searching for another spiritual leader.

 On March 29, 1981, the Rev. James E. Johnson of Triangle, VA was installed as our fifth pastor.  Rev. Johnson embodied the philosophy that no matter how great or small that “Everyone is Somebody.”  Still today, we acknowledge this as our church motto:  “The Church that sits on the hill where everyone is somebody.”

 During Rev. Johnson tenure the church accomplished great things:

  • In 1985, a new edifice was constructed on the same site of the old structure.
  • It was dedicated to the Lord on June 8, 1986
  • Printed tithes envelops were adopted
  • Four (4) Sunday Services were initiated but due to the financial stresses, two (2) Sunday Services per month were re-instated
  • Preparing a budget plan was initiated
  • In 1981, the Hospitality Committee was organized
  • In 1982, the Dr. J. H. Worrell Flower Club was organized
  • Three (3) Deacons were ordained
  • In July 1979, the Nurses Unit was organized under guidance of Sister Ruth Brown.

Rev. Johnson resigned as pastor from this church in September. 1990.

 Once again the Deacons of the church took charge in searching for another leader.

 On October 13, 1991, installation services were held for Rev. Oscar M. Hudgins.  Rev. Hudgins came to us from The Shiloh Baptist Church, Chesterfield, VA.  He was a minister of God’s people committed to serving  through love, loyalty, prayer and devotion.  We  grew spiritually and financially under his leadership:

  • Re-instated four (4) Sunday Services per month, beginning in October, 1991
  • Held Bible Study and Prayer Services every Wednesday evening
  • Offer counseling for those in need
  • A Youth Ministry doing morning worship services
  • Five (5) Deacons ordained
  • Appointed five (5) Trustees
  • Appointed two (2) Associate Ministers, one been  Rev. Alice Wyche, who preached  her initial sermon in January, 1994
  • A Male Chorus and a Combined Choir was organized
  • A Youth Ministry
  • A Youth Praise Team organized
  • Cushioned seats, mortgage free edifice, a computer, paved driveway, a utility house, set of drums, new sound system that records all services, emergency lights for the outside of the church and the purchase of a church van to transport our parishners
  • Dedication of the original church bell

Rev. Oscar Hudgins resigned as pastor in July. 2004.

 Once again, the Deacon took on the responsibility to seek another pastor.

 In December, 2005, our present pastor, Rev. Charles W. Davis, Jr., was elected to lead this church.  He was installed as our seventh pastor on March 12, 2006.  Pastor Davis comes to us from The New Birth Community Church, Wakefield, VA.  Pastor Davis has been  and is a blessing to our church family and through his spiritual leadership, guidance and compassion to God’s people.  Pastor Davis has instilled in us to read our Bibles each and every day so that we all may have the knowledge and understanding of God’s words in order for us to  pleasure God  in our everyday lives.  God is still blessing this church spiritually and financially.  Under Pastor Davis leadership to the present:

  • Membership has increased by baptism/reinstatement
  • The organization of a Senior, Single and Marriage Ministry, an Audio Visual and a Beautification Ministry.
  • Praise services each Sunday morning beginning with intercessory prayer.
  • Leadership training sessions
  • New Members classes
  • Additional security light in the parking lot
  • A new copier machine/updated computer and printer
  • Additional audio equipment to allow the church services to be available on cd’s and dvd’s
  • New musicians and a choir director
  • New flooring for the fellowship hall
  • Armor Bearer for our pastor
  • New drums, new robes for the Mass Choir
  • Appointed four trustees, & of these trustees appointed we have our  first two female trustees
  • Three (3) Associate Ministers
  • A pavilion built.
  • New bathroom added
  • 3 Deacons ordained and 1 Deaconess ordained
  • New icemaker, refrigerator and stove
  • Railings added
  • Security System and Additional Lightning added
  • New Tables and Chairs
  • New Storage Area in the Pavilion

We know that the Lord has great things in store for the Pastor and people of this great church.  We all must be on one accord, touching and agreeing by the aid of the Holy Spirit and letting God have His way. We are so proud to witness another anniversary.  Through it all we will continue to stand firm as a Body in Christ, serving as an outreach network to all our members and surrounding communities.    Let’s always continue to pray for our church and pray for one another.  To God be the Glory for the great things that has been done and going to be done.

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